Environment evolution of the Caspian Sea under the global climate change.
T. Yanina (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia), H. Khoshravan (Caspian Sea National Research and Study Center, Tehran, Iran)

Global climate change. The last climatic macrocycle.
The beginning of the last climatic macrocycle (Late Pleistocene) was marked by the Eemian interglacial, and most specialists think it correlates with the MIS 5e substage. Its duration has been estimated at 15 thousand years (130-115 ka BP), and its thermal maximum is positioned at approximately 126 ka BP (Shackleton, 1969; Turney and Jones, 2010 ). The interval of MIS 5d-5a to MIS 4 corresponds to the Early Valdai glaciation, MIS 3 is correlated with the Middle Valdai mega-interstadial, and MIS 2 is correlated with the Late Valdai in the Russian chronostratigraphy. We assess the interval MIS 5d-5a as a transitional interglacial-glacial period.


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